Going For Gold

We are building today for tomorrow. At Álmr, you can be proud to live in a building that sets an example for sustainability. Green buildings use natural resources efficiently, lowering both utility bills and impact on the environment


Site Sustainability

Non-Toxic Pest Control.  All exterior wood is installed a minimum of 12” above soil and foundation walls are built from concrete with sealant to keep the building pest free.

Landscape.  Designed to limit water use including drought tolerant plants and no conventional turf.

Reduce Local Heat Island Effects. At Almr, we provided a light colored and highly reflected roof surface to mitigate urban heat island effect and provides a cooling benefit.  The surrounding sidewalks are also light colored to assist with reducing the heat island effect.




 Water Efficiency

Indoor Water Use.  Water closets are dual flush and the lavatory and shower faucets are low flow.  Water efficient washers and Energy Star rated dishwashers contribute to sustainable use of our natural resource (ooh….added a little flair there).

Energy Efficiency

Water Heating.  Hot water pipes are insulated to increase hot water efficiency and decrease energy cost and usage.

Residential Refrigerant Management.  No HCFC refrigerants were used on the project.

Optimize Energy Performance.  Design and construction contributed to a minimum 19% of energy cost savings for a building of similar size.


Materials and Resources

Environmentally Preferable Products.  Environmentally responsible materials were used during construction including low VOC paints and glues and high recycled content insulation.

Waste Management.    A minimum of 76% of waste was recycled during construction, significantly minimizing the impact on the planet.

Indoor Environmental Quality

General - no smoking policy, radon-resistant construction via a continuous exhaust fan in the garage, clean air through outdoor air ventilation vents and exhaust fans in the units.